Bob Lippi is Bob The Printer with 45 years of experience at your service. I'm near Monterey Bay, California and rely on mostly California vendors. As a broker/distributor I can marry the exact match for your specific job for best price and delivery. I visit my vendors on a regular basis and have a great relationship with them, so you get the direct benefit of our mutual collaboration.


My Client Relationships

My intention is to help my clients look good! This occurs thusly:

First, it’s nice to meet face to face, eyeball to eyeball, to construct a working, long term relationship. After that, we can work together from afar for your ongoing printing, promotional or graphic needs.

Second, I just work for nice folks, good companies, sincere charities and such.

Third, Our relationship should be profitable and productive for all of us.

Finally, it doesn’t hurt to have some fun along the way, eh!










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